Pedagogical Work

In August 2013 Salolainen was appointed Professor for 3D Surface Design, Especially Textile Materials in Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. The part time adjunct professorship enables Salolainen to continue her active professional work in the field in her various tasks in the design and textile industry & business. Through Salolainen the Aalto University ARTS Department of Design gets a contemporary view and contact to the international field of fashion and textiles.

Pedagogical Work-1

In her teaching career in different positions in design and textile area since 2003 she has gained insight into the challenges of education. In addition, coming from outside academia with a view and experience of the international textile field, has enabled her to view teaching anew. Her curriculum development, reorganization of the weaving and textile courses and research ofteaching methods in weaving as brought innovative results and represent a major improvement at the department. She lead the popular PatternLab- study project in 2003-2009 and from 2014 onwards and developed the brand, study content and process to what it is now.

Pedagogical Work-2

Maarit Salolainen has actively opened the textile courses to fashion students and to students from other study programs of the Department of Design, worked as a supervisor for projects with industry and business as well as helped the students to network with international textile companies and ethicalprojects. Salolainen has developed the pedagogics and possibilities of material based fashion design. The innovative use of materials and techniques by Aalto ARTS fashion studentshas claimed international recognition at international shows and fashion competitions in the recent years.